English Training


We offer the driving training also in english. 

We have three english speaking driving instructors.

We do complete beginners in our driving school, or you already have a driving license from another country, we can do a change of license with you. It's called Umschreibung. We have for the Umschreibung a complete package.

You find the pricing of the package in the download under this text.

When you want to change your license there is a order of events we work with. 
First you bring all needed papers for the registration with the authority

(Kreis Segeberg/ Kreis Pinneberg/Kreis Stormarm or Hamburg) 
You will find a list with the required papers in the menupoint 'Handout: What do you need?'
In the office we register your personal information in our system and you gain access to our app 'Drive Buzz Artemis'
In this App you can learn for the theoretical exam. 


The theoretical exam can be in english or some other language. 
(Arabic, French, Italian, Croatian, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish)
When the authority has proceeded your papers you can do the theoretical exam. You get mail from TÜV Nord or TÜV Hanse, then you know you can do your examinations.
Just book an appointment with our office for this exam. 


When you pass you theoretical exam, then you do the training lessons with your instructor. 
In our package we have 10 training lessons included. 
Our experience shows, that you need to do training lessons to learn the rules in road traffic to pass the practical exam. 
Your driving instructor will tell you along these training lessons, when you will need more than the 10 in the package.


We need to inform you that the practical exam will be completly in german.

The examiner will ask you questions about the car, before you start driving. 
Your german must be good enough, otherwise the Examiner will cancel the practical Exam. 

Our driving instructors will train with you german words and phrases, but you still need a good basic german to understand everthing.